Simple. The best phone book!

Ok, we very much over zealous in developing this years coal miners. They are more difficult to find than any previous. These hints should get you in the right direction. The next page of hints should help you to find them relatively easily and will be coming very soon, but in the mean time use these.
Miner 1 - Hint
Your house is filed with A_____.
Miner 2 - Hint
If you don't know who gets your stuff when you pass away you might need this person to plan your estate.
Miner 5 - Hint

A VERY hard coal miner to find.

Planning an estate is one thing, but planning a ______ you need a personal caring touch that you will only find here.
Miner 4 - Hint
A picture is worth a 1000 words especially if you want to show off your teeth
Miner 3 - Hint
Dirt is moved in all sorts of ways, from pails to drag lines to backhoes and they move the dirt in an object called a bucket.
Miner 6 - Hint
You defiantly don't want a coal miner crawling all over your kitchen cabinets
Miner 7 - Hint
"We Treat Customers Like Family" is important and true about this Apothecary.
Miner 10 - Hint
Hauling is their business. If you need anything moved or brought in they have the big trucks to accomplish it all.
Miner 9 - Hint
Whether big or small deep or shallow, summer needs this.
Miner 8 - Hint
Women more than men will ever see this person.
Miner 11(Bonus) - Hint

The HARDEST coal miner to find.

Ok, Here is the answer see if you can find it in the ad…..
"Rhoads & Rhoads"