Simple. The best phone book!

Use this page and subsequent pages to get hints and ultimately the answers to the location of all the coal miners in this phone book. Here you can get as much or as little help as you wish.

Miner 1 - Hint
On a hot summer day standing in front of this feels nice unless it breaks down. Then who do you call?
Miner 2 - Hint
Going to court this person can help you or be against you.
Miner 5 - Hint
Roses are red, May has showers get your wife some _______?
Miner 4 - Hint
Headings for "C" are for finding Coal Miners.
Miner 3 - Hint
Headings for "C" are for finding Coal Miners.
Miner 6 - Hint
Because of coal mining, home owners can insure that they need to talk to these people about "mine subsidence" which is required in Hopkins County.
Miner 7 - Hint
Loaning or borrowing money from someone can be costly unless you go to the right people. Especially ones who do it for a living.
Miner 10 - Hint

The HARDEST coal miner to find.

After a storm you might have to call this man for clean-up.
Miner 9 - Hint
Find a coal miner you will find a person that has a home purchased because of this profession.
Miner 8 - Hint
Physicians have a larger breadth of knowledge that can save your life. Whether you need a Cardiologist, Orthopedist, or simply a Family Doctor.
Miner 11 (extra) - Hint
Since it has been cold and since the heating contractor hasn't been out yet to fix your heat you slip and fall and break your leg and need some Hospital Equipment.

Accidental left over from last years game.

Miner 12 (extra) - Hint
Driving each day to work has left long patches of rubber on the road. So you decide you need more of these _____.

Accidental left over from last years game.