Simple. The best phone book!

Use this page and subsequent pages to get hints and ultimately the answers to the location of all the coal miners in this phone book. Here you can get as much or as little help as you wish.

Miner 1 - Hint
Find this Miner in Court
Miner 2 - Hint
Sometimes coal miners need Beauty treatment
Miner 5 - Hint
After brushing your teeth you turn up the Heat only to find it not working
Miner 4 - Hint
After eating a big meal or chewing coal all day Teeth can get pretty dirty. You might find a place to clean them.
Miner 3 - Hint
Coal miners kids need Child Care at times too.
Miner 6 - Hint
Since it has been cold and since the heating contractor hasn't been out yet to fix your heat you slip and fall and break your leg and need some Hospital Equipment.
Miner 7 - Hint
Spring has come and now you need to now Landscape your yard.
Miner 10 - Hint
Driving each day to work has left long patches of rubber on the road. So you decide you need more of these _____.
Miner 9 - Hint
Even being deep in the mine doesn't stop the wind from blowing and messing up your Roof.
Miner 8 - Hint
Working in the mines has made you strong. Turning on the bathroom faucet you pull the handle right off and now need a new Plumbing service or fixture.